I love swinging
from the big peepal tree!

Looking to own a farm?


Fresh farm produce from our own farm has made my child happier and hungrier.

Looking to own a farm?


Like-minded people like you

Looking to own farmland and are passionate about the environment and organic lifestyle.

Together with InAcres

Enabling sustainable agriculture with traditional farming methods & modern technology.

Create Powerful Communities

Which farm collectively using scientific knowledge to revive Mother Earth.

To Make the World a Better place

By dutifully protecting our environment to ensure a bright future for the next generation.


Every drop counts

Every square inch of land has the ability to absorb and store water. Join InAcres in our efforts to make every drop count through responsible farming. All our CSA projects create a water positive farm ecosystem through,

  • Rainwater harvesting pits
  • Percolation tanks
  • Mulching to reduce evaporation
  • 100% drip irrigation
  • Water tanks to survive one year of drought

The Bhutpur CSA farm has a planned water storage capacity of over 80 lakh litres.


Let’s toil to save the soil

The top 6 inches of soil is very important to the soil ecosystem as it takes a million years to form and consists of living organisms that are responsible for plant growth. It becomes our duty to retain and return this living soil as it is to future generations through unique methods like

Not only is soil the most important component of agriculture, for farmers it is the foundation of their livelihood. Join our efforts to restore topsoil fertility with unique methods like

  • Careful selection of leguminous plants for nitrogen fixation
  • Use of Panchagavya to improve soil richness
  • Practising agro-forestry involving a multi-cropping method for adequate root growth and water retention

All our CSA projects use a mix of agriculture, horticulture and long term plantation technique to improve topsoil fertility


Life is a celebration

The true essence of community living is in togetherness which is the real legacy we can pass on to our future generations. Join InAcres in our passion to build a community that lives, loves and laughs together by

  • Celebrating festivals and events that bring the community closer
  • Offering farm stays to the elders if you’re away
  • Introducing the Indian agricultural tradition to children
  • Offering farm stays so you can relive your childhood

Festivals are just an excuse. Remind yourself of what it is like to share a meal or connect with a large community, at any of our CSA projects.


Safe food for a healthier future

The health of a baby depends upon the health of the mother. Similarly, the health of humanity depends on Mother Earth. By protecting her, we protect ourselves. Join InAcres in our efforts to protect Mother Earth by cultivating safe & organic food

Do you remember the satisfaction of eating a tasty, juicy mango that dripped down your hands, mouth and chin? Get that satisfaction in every meal with organic and safe food, cultivated by:

  • Using biopesticides for the crops
  • Growing micro-macro nutrient-rich food
  • Building compost to derive natural manure
  • Using vermicompost from Biogas plant slurry as additional manure

The food at InAcres is ‘certified organic’. Go back to eating ‘real’ food and lead a healthy life when you join any of our CSA farms


From Soil to Store

The ‘Soil to Store’ model adopted by InAcres helps generate greater levels of prosperity to the farming community by directly supplying the produce to the consumer.

  • Fresh, farm produce available on BigBasket.com
  • Safe food delivered at your doorstep

‘Bharateeyam’ - our organic restaurant only uses the farm produce as raw ingredients to prepare simple yet hearty meals that your grandmother will approve of

Own a piece of farmland starting @ ₹ 7.13 lakhs for a quarter acre

Become a part of our upcoming 60-acre Bhuthpur CSA