InAcres Shadnagar-CSA is in close proximity to Hyderabad, yet it is undisturbed by the urban way of life. It is a serene rural, rural and idyllic landscape in itself. Shadnagar-CSA farm is spread across 100 acres of virgin land located near Bheemaram, a village. The farm has fertile soil and high ground water availability. This is so because Dindi river is flowing freely upto around 500 meters along the northern side of it.  The farm is around 50 Kms from ORR- Hyderabad and around 12 Kms  from Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway. Shadnagar-CSA farm will have a multi-purpose farm stay, nature activities and living amenities. Shadnagar-CSA climate is surprisingly pleasant in all seasons.

Overall, Shadnagar-CSA is our flagship role model CSA with active farming, value-added infrastructure and full-service farm stay facilities. There are also CSR activities in surrounding villages.

Shadnagar CSA Farm Layout


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