Welcome to Bharatheeyam, when we feel , “Atithi Devo Bhava” and serve food that is healthy, tasty and traditional. The food we serve here is grown in our own organic farms by community of farmers. We use traditional, natural, organics & cow – based farming method known as “Krishi Yoga”.

We prepare food with traditional methods with recipes based on Ayurveda and Modern  Nutri–genomics to get full benefit of health and taste. We cook food on low – flame and use steel vessels externally coated with mud to preserve nutritional value and taste. Cold pressed oil, Raw Salt, 
Pot Curd is our specialty.
We serve food in traditional banana leaf and use earthen glasses. We have created an ambiance that is ethnic and village like so that you can feel at your Grandmother’s home.
Please enjoy and experience food that nourishes the body, mind. When you have food here you also help farmers, community and protect environment.