CSA Shadnagar is a certified organic farm. Since its an integrated, sustainable, Organic Agro Forestry model. We grow all Leafy Vegetables, Vegetables, All Fruits and Silviculture plants. We are following Vrikshayurveda Farm practices written by Maharshi Surapala our produce is not only natural but also rich in mineral and nutrition value. We at In Acres are not just into farming, we believe in responsible farming practices. We believe that right from the microorganisms in the soil to the birds and bees play a part in the functioning of the EcoSystem.

Vrikshayurveda – written by Maharshi Surapala around 1000 AD can be rated as one of the most early literary work on the Indian Philosophical systems of knowledge relating to agriculture. Vrikshayurveda deals with broader subject of “arbori-horticulture”. It contain knowledge on the allied concern of sustaining the quality of soils and the place plant species to meet food, shelter and aesthetic needs of the different strata of society. If scientific knowledge, as we understand it today, means gathering accurate and systematic knowledge then Surapala take on Indian Arbori-Horticulture is an organised  attempt on how plants grow and how their production can be sustained by agronomic management. We at In Acres are trying to preserve and propagate this ancient knowledge for the future generations and creating prosperity.

In today’s world, global environmental issues relating to sustainable development have emerged as topics of major concern. For decades we have abused all the natural resources and have ignored the importance of coexisting with nature. We need to start looking beyond the obvious, producing more food together with giving fuller recognition to issues of Biodiversity is the need of the hour.

Below are the Organic Certifications for the CSA Shadnagar Project.

vedic - 1
vedic - 2
vedic - 3
vedic - 4