CSA- Future of Sustainable Agriculture

“The path to health and well-being is a journey, an evolution and requires a holistic approach.”

The post-independence era in India brought with it a challenge of feeding a growing population. Today, it continues to remain a pressing challenge. So, high-yielding varieties are being used with an infusion of irrigation water, fertilizers and pesticides. This combination of high-yielding production technology has helped the country develop a food surplus. However, unfortunately, it has brought concerns about soil health, environmental pollution, pesticide toxicity, and sustainability of agricultural production. 

Natural organic farming is a great way to produce food without adversely affecting the soil’s health and the environment. Today, it is proven that sustainable and integrated farming methods produce more crop yield than conventional monoculture farming. However, such alternative methods must be implemented with relevant know-how.

Farming is not only a profession but also a lifestyle in our Indian tradition. There are many people living and working in urban areas who have an urge to connect with Mother Nature through farming. 

Today, owning and maintaining a farm is a challenge. It requires time and expertise. Even if one has the time to get involved in farming activities, it is impossible to create a farm that is highly efficient, eco-friendly, financially rewarding and sustainable. Under such conditions, Community Supported Farming (CSA) has evolved as one of the best practises for sustainable agriculture. It is time-tested and most suitable for those who are living in urban areas.  It is an investment and an eco-friendly lifestyle opportunity. 

We, at InAcres, would like to offer everyone an opportunity to take part in organic farming and experience it as a way of life. We have developed an efficient farming system called Krishi Yoga using modern technology and traditional eco-friendly methods to create financially rewarding and integrated organic farms.

What is meant by Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for people to directly support farmers in the area, actually see where their food grows, and know the farmers who grow it.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs link consumers directly with locally grown food. It is a partnership between farmers and community members where community members purchase a share of the farm’s harvest at the beginning of the season. 

CSA is fantastic because it cuts down the overhead for farmers, giving members access to the freshest product with the least mark-up of any buying arrangement by eliminating the middlemen (grocery stores, distributors, aggregators).

How does it work?

Like-minded individuals purchase a minimum of 1/4th acre of land. All members purchasing land in the project would form a Cooperative Farmers 


Members own the land, bears the infrastructure costs and InAcres does the cultivation and shares financial returns of the crop on an equal (50-50) basis.

Why choose a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmland?

There are many reasons why people love having a CSA farmland. Here’s a short list to help you understand why owning a CSA farmland at InAcres is right for you. 

If you,

-Want to eat more produce or already include vegetables as an important part of your diet

– Want to do your bit for nature

– Put food up by canning, freezing, dehydrating, or fermenting

– Love all kinds of vegetables and/or are always up for trying something new

– Want to eat fresh, chemical-free, locally grown food without breaking the bank

Benefits of CSA:

1. Farmers really benefit from this community support. 

2. The consumer benefits by getting the freshest local foods available throughout the year. 

3. Even though the initial investment might seem huge, the consumer gets a ton of produce each harvest season which helps save money in the long run.

4. The consumer becomes a part of a like-minded community, celebrating festivals and other events together

5. The future generation of the CSA members is introduced to sustainable agricultural methods and also nature as opposed to only being confined to cement structures and smartphones.

6. Every CSA member contributes to saving nature and hence creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

InAcres’ CSA farms:

Sustainable, integrated and natural agriculture is the future of agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) combines the best of both community-living and natural farming to create wealth and well-being for the society and environment. 

We are a team of passionate professionals with a world-class education, rich experience and vast expertise in the sustainable integrated agriculture arena.  We are proud of being an enterprise that aims to bring a positive social change in the field of agriculture and food.

CSA Shadnagar-

InAcres Shadnagar-CSA is in close proximity to Hyderabad, yet it is undisturbed by the urban way of life. It is a serene, rural and idyllic landscape in itself. Shadnagar-CSA farm is spread across 100 acres of virgin land located near Bheemaram village. The project is now successfully complete and running. 

Project highlights include,

– The farm has fertile soil suitable for all kinds of crops as InAcres will be choosing a multiple cropping model (short term crops vegetable & midterm crops)

– Horticulture (multiple varieties of fruits & long term trees including sandalwood) &  Silviculture.

– The project has high groundwater availability. It is a role model farm for water harvesting and conservation activities as it has been designed in collaboration with Dept Of Geophysics, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

– The farm is around 50 km from ORR- Hyderabad and around 12 km from Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway.

– The Shadnagar-CSA farm will soon have an eco-village for farm training, farm stay and farm tourism.

– The Shadnagar-CSA climate is surprisingly pleasant in all seasons.

– Shadnagar-CSA is our flagship role model CSA with active farming and value-added infrastructure. 

– It is a certified organic farm. InAcres follows age-old Vedic principles of farming combined with modern technology.

– More than 160 like-minded individuals are already a part of this CSA hence making it a role model community for many to follow.

CSA Bhuthpur-

InAcres carefully scrutinized at least 100 farms for connectivity and sustainable water resources in the last 3 years before finalizing this ideal piece of land.

Below are the details of the Bhuthpur Project,

1.  A pleasant 90-minute drive from the ORR Shamshabad Exit

2.  Four functioning borewells

3.  One crore litre capacity water storage tank

4.  Kalwakurthy canal that passes through the farm with 6-7 months of water supply.

5. Karivena reservoir is in close proximity to the project which helps recharge ground water. 

6.  Agro-forestry involving a multi-cropping method integrating agriculture, horticulture and silviculture plantations

The weather is getting warmer and the CSA season is getting into high gear! Being a part of a CSA is the best way to support local farmers and getting access to locally produced foods. Owning a CSA farmland also helps in supporting your own health and the health of your family by eating fresh, whole foods.

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