Eco Village

Amid the pristine rural landscape alongside Dindi river, our farm stay at Shadnagar, Bheemaram-Village CSA, is a world in itself. It is a space where the lines between man and nature blur. When you set foot there, you realize that you are just a small part of this immensely beautiful nature. Moreover, it is an ideal farm stay & rural experience for families and children.

The Farm:

The self-sufficient farm with of eco-friendly facilities. The huge stretch of farm land  produces fresh, wholesome vegetables, dairy products and fruits. Apart from the fresh vegetables, the farm also harvests exotic herbs and fruits.

Ethnic Living

The exterior spaces are rugged and kept absolutely natural – they are not preened in the least. We would like see nature as it is as soon as you set foot at the farm stay. The rooms, on the other hand, are designed to be comfortable and constructed with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo to offer an ethnic experience to you.

Healthy Dining

What’s life without good and healthy food? Fresh, tasty, ethnic and organic food is available at the farm to enhance the experience. The food comprises fresh vegetables and herbs that you can handpick from the farm.


There are plenty of exciting activities. You can ride along on a bullock cart at sunset or trek along the river. Go ahead and learn about organic farming practices to have a hands-on experience. You get to plant a herb, vegetables saplings and probably even farm them. Visit the goshala and see how it works. You can pet the calves, play with the rabbits and see the geese swim. You can also go bird-watching – there is rich avian life around there. Massage, aroma therapies and mud baths are also available to rejuvenate.

The Kids

Kids exhibit a level of enthusiasm that is rare among adults. They are enamoured by lush green vegetable patches, cows, calves, chickens, goats, geese and rabbits. The flora and fauna are ever ready wherever you look to give them a firsthand experience of what living in nature is like. No fantasy story or fairytale can beat a strong firsthand experience for children.