As part of setting up a model where Community Supported Agriculture is committed to responsible farming practices producing Organic food, the other end of the spectrum is consumption. To be able to reach the end consumer without any overheads and eliminating the middlemen, Neighbourhood stores will play a vital role.
All CSAs are community based, we want to make a passionate and socially conscious Women an Entrepreneur by setting up a home based store to be able to cater to 100-200 houses in her neighbourhood. This not something new, it has been an age old practice in our villages and was proven to be viable for decades.
These store will have all Organic Essential and Exotic products prepared traditionally. These products will be a perfect combination of healthy nutrition, age old tradition and taste.
All these products can reach the end consumer without any overheads of a big store or a setup. It will create a Win-Win situation for both Farmers and consumer.
Members who are interested in starting a Neighbourhood store can contact us.