‘Krishi’ means ‘farming’ and ‘yoga’ means ‘harmony’. By combining time-tested, traditional and eco-friendly farming practices in line with ecological principles and advanced permaculture methods, we have developed an efficient, high-yielding and sustainable farming system called Krishi Yoga.  

Krishi Yoga design & methods Include:

  • Fulfilling Human Nutrition Needs
  • Enhancing environmental quality and nature resources that the agricultural economy depends on
  • Making the most efficient use of farm resources and integrating appropriate natural biological cycles
  • Sustaining the economic viability of the farm
  • Enhancing the quality of life for farmers and the society as a whole.
  • Working as closely as possible in closed cycles and using in farm and local resources.
  • Preservation and enhancement of natural fertility of the soils.
  • Avoiding all forms of pollution that arise from farming operations.
  • Limited tillage to minimise damage to the soil ecosystem.
  • Producing foods and herbs of optimal nutritional value.
  • Reducing the usage of non-renewable resources in agriculture, including fossil fuels.
  • Ensuring the farm produce agri-waste products are composted and re-used as fertilizers.
  • We do everything possible on the farm to create natural systems including farm landscape that is fitting for a healthy and efficient natural ecosystem. We retain the natural cycles of nature wherein the organic waste material produced from one process becomes a raw material for another process that follows it. This is vital for sustainable agriculture. After all, a farm is a microcosm of a larger natural ecosystem and not a factory. Crop diversity and integration of plants and animals in agriculture also paves the way for self-sustainability of the farmland.