Fresh farm produce from our own farm has made my child happier and hungrier.

Looking to own a farm?


I love swinging
from the big peepal tree!

Looking to own a farm?


Own a farmland at InAcres

InAcres develops and manages your farmland

Work on a 50-50 harvest sharing model with InAcres

Get access to organic food from all InAcres’ CSA farms

Be a part of a large like-minded community

Contribute to saving the nature in your own little ways


Safe food for a healthier future

The health of a baby depends upon the health of the mother. Similarly, the health of humanity depends on Mother Earth. By protecting her, we protect ourselves. Join InAcres in our efforts to protect Mother Earth by cultivating safe & organic food:

  • Using biopesticides for the crops
  • Growing micro-macro nutrient-rich food
  • Buildingg compost to derive natural manure
  • Using vermicompost from Biogas plant slurry as additional manure

The food at InAcres is ‘certified organic’. Go back to eating ‘real’ food and lead a healthy life when you join any of our CSA farms


Life is a celebration

The true essence of community living is in togetherness which is the real legacy we can pass on to our future generations. Join InAcres’ already existing 200 families by:

  • Celebrating festivals and events that bring the community closer
  • Offering farm stays to the elders if you’re away
  • Introducing the Indian agricultural tradition to children
  • Offering farm stays so you can relive your childhood

Festivals are just an excuse. Remind yourself of what it is like to share a meal or connect with a large community, at any of our CSA projects.


Responsible farming practices

Every square inch of land has the ability to absorb and store water. The top 6 inches of soil is very important to the soil ecosystem as it takes a million years to form and consists of living organisms that are responsible for plant growth. It becomes our duty to retain and return the treasure of such an ecosystem as it is to future generations through unique methods like:

  • Rainwater harvesting pits
  • 100% drip irrigation
  • Practising agro-forestryinvolving a multi-cropping method

All our CSA projects use a mix of agriculture, horticulture and long term plantation technique to improve topsoil fertility

Project overview

InAcres carefully scrutinized at least 100 farms for connectivity and sustainable water resources in the last 3 years before finalizing this ideal piece of land.

Below are the details of the Bhuthpur Project,

  • Managed and developed by world-class farming experts to yield best results
  • A pleasant 90-minute drive from the ORR Shamshabad Exit with BT Road access till the farm
  • Agro-forestry involving a multi-cropping method integrating agriculture, horticulture and silviculture plantations
  • Home to a seven-year old mango plantation, ready to bear fruit next summer
  • A self sustained farm with four functioning borewells and one crore litre capacity water storage tank
  • Kalwakurthy canal passes through the farm with 6-7 months of water supply which recharges groundwater

Let’s join hands to protect Mother Earth for our future generations.

Own a piece of farmland starting @ ₹ 7.75 lakhs for a quarter acre

Become a part of our upcoming 60-acre Bhuthpur CSA

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