We are a team of passionate professionals with world-class, education, rich experience and vast expertise working in the field of sustainable integrated agriculture promoting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to create prosperity and well-being for the society. As a team, we have successfully implemented several CSA projects. We are proud of having been able to implement them as a social enterprise. Social enterprise is an enterprise that makes a positive sustainable social change.

We believe that agriculture is the foundation for all economic development. Today, conventional agricultural model, the way it is being practised for the last five decades, is facing economic, environmental and public health challenges. These challenges call for a sustainable, integrated and eco-friendly system that can revive the state of agriculture. This is why a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a solution for challenges, farmers and agriculture as whole facing today. We have created a CSA model which is eco- friendly, organic and integrated. Apart from this, value added farm produce significantly increase farm profitability. Our agriculture model is instrumental in yielding both short and long-term crops based on polyculture biodiversity principles. Our agriculture model Krishi Yoga is based on a blend of traditional time-tested efficient practices and modern technology to create optimal benefits.