We are a team of passionate professionals with world-class, education, rich experience and vast expertise working in the field of sustainable integrated agriculture and promoting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to create prosperity and well-being for the society. As a team, we have successfully implemented several CSA projects. We are proud of having been able to implement them as a social enterprise. Social enterprise is an enterprise that makes a positive sustainable social change.

We believe that agriculture is the foundation for all economic development. Today, conventional agricultural model, the way it is being practiced for the last five decades, is facing economic, environmental and public health challenges.

As per a recent study in the last 3 years alone around 4 Lakh Acres of Cultivable land has gone out of production only in AP and TS states. Most of it has been converted into Plotting or Real-estate ventures or kept barren due to lack of Water and favorable conditions for farming. Also there is huge effect of migration of the Younger Generation from villages to urban areas leaving behind only older generation in the villages. The age old wisdom associated with farming that has been passed on for generations is slowly dying.

Agriculture accounts for one-third of global gross domestic product (GDP) according to 2014 World Bank statistics. It was also 15.45 per cent of GDP in India in 2017.

This increasing population has an adverse effect on the state of undernourished people, as it has ascended to 11.5 per cent from 9.4 per cent in southern Asia (countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) from 2015 to 2016, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Land or Agriculture land need to be looked at more than just as an Investment Commodity or for its real-estate value. It is a promise for the future generations and an assurance to have access to safe and secure food to consume.

Below is an article explaining the adverse effects that are effecting the present and the future of Agriculture.

Farmers ageing, new generation disinterested: Who will grow our food?–65800?fbclid=IwAR366bBWRDYNgLcwngsv5L16wm9RAIxROIMo_vmu-XbLc88OypFSYdwiBpc

These challenges call for a sustainable, integrated and eco-friendly system that can revive the state of agriculture. This is why a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a solution for challenges, farmers and agriculture as a whole facing today. We have created a CSA model which is eco- friendly, organic and integrated. Apart from this, value added farm produce significantly increase farm profitability. Our agriculture model is instrumental in yielding both short and long-term crops based on poly-culture biodiversity principles. Our agriculture model Krishi Yoga is based on a blend of traditional time-tested efficient practices and modern technology to create optimal benefits.


Like minded individuals purchase minimum of 1/4 th Acre of land. All members purchasing land in the project would form a Cooperative Farmers Association. The association will have a Lease Agreement with InAcres for execution of all farming activities for the project. Members own the land, bears the infrastructure costs and InAcres does the cultivation and shares financial returns of the crop on an equal (50-50) basis.

We have successfully executed a Role Model CSA near Shadnagar which is a fully functional farm now with active agricultural activities and a wonderful community. Our Akshya CSA (Shadnagar) is a strong community with 170+ members how now have access to safe food grown in there own farm. We intend to create many more such like minded communities.

Our Current Project – CSA Bhuthpur:

We have looked at 100’s of farms in the last 3 Years of time before finalizing this project. We always wanted the farm to be sustainable with a good water source and a clear title. We have tried to set a benchmark with the Shadnagar CSA execution so could not settle for anything less.

We have identified a new project near Salikalapur Village, Khilla Ghanpur Mandal, Wanaparthy Dist.

Below are the project details:

  • 90 Kms from the ORR Shamshabad Exit (75 Kms on the Banglore highway 44, exit the highway near Bhootpur towards Kalwakurthi 13Kms on the State highway 20 which is a double rood and Exit the State highway towards Khilla Ghanpur Near Yelkicherla Village 2Kms on BT Road our Project will on the Right Side of the Road).
  • Farm is well connected with BT Road and is completely fenced.
  • Kalwakurthi Lift Irrigation Canal is passing through the Farm, which has 6-8 months of water supply in a year.
  • Karivena Reservoir Project which is currently under construction is visible from the site.
  • The Farm has 7 Yrs Old Mango plantation which is already in production.
  • Currently has 4 Functioning bore-wells, a Water storage tank and Drip Irrigation system for the entire farm.
  • Entire farm has been organically grown, soon we would be getting the Organic Certifications.
  • Sandalwood plantation will also been done across the farm.

Price Details:

We have unit sizes that are ranging from 10 Guntas (1/4th Acre), 20 Guntas (½ Acre) and 40 Guntas (1 Acre).

** The pre-launch price is available for limit no of units only.** Advance Booking is 30% on the unit price balance to be paid within 30 Days to go for registration.Kindly let us know your interest so that we can coordinate accordingly.