Farming is not only a profession but also a lifestyle in our Indian tradition. There are many people living and working in urban areas who have an urge to connect to Mother Nature through farming – we, at InAcres, would like to offer them an opportunity to do just that. With us, they get to take part in organic farming and experience it as a way of life. Today, owning and maintaining a farm is a challenge. It requires time and expertise. Even if one has the time to get involved in farming activities, it is impossible to create a farm that is highly efficient, eco-friendly, financially rewarding and sustainable, all by oneself. Community Supported Farming (CSA) is time-tested and most suitable for those who are living in urban areas.  It is an investment and an eco-friendly lifestyle opportunity. We have developed an efficient farming system called Krishi Yoga using modern technology and traditional eco-friendly methods to create financially rewarding and integrated organic farms.