InAcres Shadnagar-CSA is in close proximity to Hyderabad, yet it is undisturbed by the urban way of life. It is a serene rural, rural and idyllic landscape in itself. Shadnagar-CSA farm is spread across 100 acres of virgin land located near Bheemaram village. Most of the development activities are completed.

Project Highlights:

  • The farm has fertile soil suitable for all kinds of crops as we will  be going for multiple cropping model (Short term Crops Vegetable, Mid Term Crops: Horticulture (Multiple variety of fruits) Long Term: Silviculture (Sandalwood).
  • The Project has high ground water availability. This is because a stream that connects to Dindi river is flowing freely upto around 500 meters along the northern side of it.  
  • The farm is around 50 Kms from ORR- Hyderabad and around 12 Kms  from Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway.
  • Shadnagar-CSA farm will have an Eco-Village for farm training, farm stay and farm tourism.
  • Shadnagar-CSA climate is surprisingly pleasant in all seasons.
  • Shadnagar-CSA is our flagship role model CSA with active farming and  value-added infrastructure.

What makes Shadnagar CSA Special:

Living Soils:

“There are more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than there are people on the planet”

While selecting shadnagar land, soil was one of the important factor considered. The land is a virgin land there was no Chemical fertilisers or pesticides used on the land till now. Also the top layer (6 Inches) of the soil which is the most important aspect for farm was not disturbed by tilling or by soil erosion.

The organisms living in the soil play a significant role in maintaining a healthy soil system and healthy plants. Soil organisms influence every aspect of decomposition and nutrient availability. As organic materials are decomposed nutrients become available to plants.

Sustainable Water Source:

“Water is a coveted treasure and essential for life.”

Availability of water resources play a vital role while selecting the farming module. We at In Acres believe in responsible and sustainable farming practices. Underground water is the main source of farming at CSA Shadnagar Project.

Due to the climate change impacts there is an uncertainty in rainfall. As we all know the availability of underground water depends of the amount of rainfall in the region. We have conducted an extensive geophysical survey along with Department of Geophysics Osmania University Hyderabad to identify and define mechanisms to preserve and recharge the underground water levels in the area even when there is a least amount of rainfall for a season.

Below are the activities done as part of Preserving and Enhancing the Groundwater levels at CSA Shadnagar:

  • 3Ft deep trenches based on elevation and topography have been dug along the periphery of the site. This prevents rain water escaping into neighbouring lands.
  • Formation of kantur bands to stop the water at every 10Mts of the trench so that it will help recharge underground water levels evenly across the site.
  • Interconnecting these tranches to a ground water recharge pit.
  • Any excessive water is then diverted to a percolation tank to help recharge groundwater levels.
  • We also have dug an Open Well which is designed in such a way that the seepage from the percolation tank will help keep up the water level in the Open Well.
  • From the 25 suitable bore well points suggested, we have gone with 10 borewells all successful.
  • Bore wells were dug not beyond 200 ft to maintain lower alkalinity levels in the water.
  • Our water TDS level is below 250 which is safe and pure portable water.
  • We have 2 water storage tanks each with capacity 70L Liters, this is done so that water is not directly fed to the drips from the borewells. This prevents and settels water TDS and Electric Conductivity.
  • We have designed the water distributions system in such a way that in any adverse situation any bore well can support the complete drip line system throughout the project.

Below is the detailed case study and report done by the Department of Geophysics Osmania University Hyd at CSA Shadnagar:

Agroforestry Model:

“ There is no wifi in the forest but we promise you will find a better connection”

CSA Shadnagar is a certified organic farm. Since its an integrated, sustainable, Organic agro forestry model. We grow all Short Term: Leafy Vegetables and Vegetables, Mid Term: Multiple varieties of Fruits and Long Term: Silviculture plants (Sandalwood). We follow Vrikshayurveda Farm practices written by Maharshi Surapala our produce is not only natural but also rich in mineral and nutrition value.

Vrikshayurveda deals with broader subject of “arbori-horticulture”. It contain knowledge on the allied concern of sustaining the quality of soils and the place plant species to meet food, shelter and aesthetic needs of the different strata of society.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is a reality.”

The sense of community and the value system that we share have been the pillars on which our great nation was built. In today’s day and age with the rapid urbanisation and growth of nuclear families has somehow lost the essence of being part of a community.

We at InAcres are trying to get like minded individuals together to form a community and bring the essence of togetherness back to the society. We believe that miracles can happen only when a large group of like minded individuals come together as a community and strive for a collective goal.

As part of the community development we conduct multiple activities at our farms like Festival celebrations, Activities for Kids and Elderly, Nature Walks and Farm Stays. By being part of a CSA Project you are not only having access to a Organic Sustainable Integrated farm but also are a part of community, which strikes a socio-economic balance.


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